Carpet and Rug Cleaning Services

The process of carpet cleaning is a science to us. Each type of rug or carpet comes with a specific strategy to best clean them, which also includes factors such as traffic, age of the carpet or rug, how dirty it may be, and many other factors. We pride ourselves on our cleaning process and use the best rug and carpet cleaning shampoos available on the market. These products not only clean deep into fibers but are also environmentally friendly and safe for those with children and pets. From the most delicate Persian rug to the fluffiest carpet floors, our experienced team will inspect your carpets and rugs, then determine how best to get the job done. Please give us a call if you have any questions about our carpet and rug cleaning.

Oriental Rug Care

Our team can carefully and proficiently clean any type of Oriental rug for you, and this includes new rugs and antique ones as well. Oriental rugs are often not simply viewed as another piece of home décor, but seen as intricate works of art. Our professionals' pride themselves on cleaning and repairing these Oriental rugs and will work to safely deep clean, repair any damage, and restore your beloved rugs to their original beauty.


All Types of Rug Cleaning

In addition to Oriental rugs, our team can deep clean and repair any area rugs you might have. This includes Persian rugs, wool rugs, cotton rugs, any type of antique rugs, and much more. We know that life happens, especially when it comes to high traffic, pets, spills, children, and other things. Our team of professionals can restore your area rugs to the way they looked when you first purchased them. We offer rug cleaning to your home and businesses and will work around your schedule for the best convenience.

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Carpet Cleaning

Our professional carpet and area rug team can clean your carpeted home or business. Our workers can clean the carpet in any room, staircase, and anywhere else you need cleaned. Our deep cleaning process will restore your carpeted floors by working deep into the fibers, erasing the damage from oils, pets, traffic, and other factors that might make your carpets dirty over time. This process can add years of life to your carpeted floors so that they will last longer, and your rooms feel and look fresher. If you need your carpeted floors cleaned, call us and we can help.


Upholstery Cleaning

While we are out at homes and businesses cleaning carpets and rugs, our team is often asked to clean our customers upholstery on their furniture as well. When cleaning upholstery our process is similar, except with a special attachment used on furniture. The process of cleaning furniture and other upholstery will remove any build up over the years and leave them looking and feeling new again.

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