Best Carpet and Rug Cleaning in NYC

Having clean floors is a large part of maintaining a clean and fresh home or business space. Yes, vacuuming and doing your own carpet and rug cleaning can be good, however to properly clean down to the base of these floors to make the clean last longer takes a professional, and we are here to do that for you. Every specific floor requires a specific process to best clean, and our team knows what each of those processes are best. Whether it requires a deep clean, stain removal, or more, give us a call today and we will schedule an appointment with you.

Inspecting the Carpet and Rug

When our team arrives to your home or business, the first thing a worker will do is to inspect the area that requires the work. That includes what type of carpet and rug they are, what material they are made of, and what areas may need special attention. One team member does the inspecting while the other professionals are getting the cleaning supplies ready to go by setting up the rug and carpet cleaning machines, selecting the cleaning product needed for the job, and generally preparing to get the job started.

Dealing with Trouble Areas

Any areas that have stains or other types of problem areas that are found during the inspection will be addressed first. Our team does this so that the trouble areas will look as good as the rest of the carpet or rug once we are done with the entire area and it will blend harmoniously. Common spots where troubled areas happen are in areas where there is high traffic, near entrances, or in places that simply tend to receive more dirt and other grimes than others. Our approach with these troubled areas will depend on what the stains are made from, and the product used will depend on that as well.


Full Deep Cleaning

After this step is complete, our team will begin to deep clean your carpets and area rugs. The approach for each specific material, including age of the carpet and rug, how dirty they are, and other factors of these carpeted floors and rugs will determine what process we will use to clean them. Our cleaning professionals have the knowledge for every type of cleaning process so they will be able to use the best approach to cleaning your carpets and area rugs.

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Repair and Restore Rugs and Upholstery

If our team finds any sort of damage in rugs, carpet, or upholstery while we are in your home for cleaning, we can also repair those problems. Whether it can be a hole, frayed spots, burn marks, and more, our team can offer you a great restoration and repair service. For minor damage, we can normally repair in your home or business. If the damage is more extensive, we would most likely need to bring the rugs or upholstery into our facility to best fix the problem.

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